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Sunday, March 24, 2013



On some days--this one in particular, I just wanted to stay in bed all day.  A recent trip to the 2nd center of American modernity (namely Miami, Florida) was filled with lots of going-outs and not a single bit of staying-in; thus, today seemed ideal for down-time and off-line.  Upon reflection, the bright star known as South Beach, seemed filled with sharp contrasts and some distilled ambiguity; no, nothing as dramatic or unpleasant as waiting for the Gore-Bush election results, or the furor of last year following the Trayvon Martin shooting.  Nevertheless, perplexing when I consider the prevalence of the white-on-white-on white color palette found in many (or most) interiors, both in private residences and the hospitality industry.  This, an almost surreal, hyper-real emphasis on techne appears diametrically opposed to the surrounding environment where the charms of nature are experienced best through first-hand experience (or, for some, solely appreciated from the lofty heights of a glassed-penthouse on water's edge).  A stroll through the walkplatz revealed a tropical, passionate, frenzied playground where both locals and visitors traverse beneath an unforgiving sun.  The former in daily toil, and the latter in search of a bronzed perfection plastered on every billboard between here (or there) and infinity.  Still, and in spite of any criticisms, this tiny sliver of decadence and desire remains a noteworthy diaspora from which the spirit of resilience (and freedom!!) continues to triumphantly emanate . . .   

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