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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

VT 27.3.13


Just like everyone else, same-sex families eat around the kitchen table, do laundry on Thursday evenings, order take-out meals, mow the lawn, and raise children (whether biologically theirs or adopted, foster or borrowed).  Just like other couples (straight, bi, swingers, gay-curious, or those on the down-low) they deserve the same privileges and rights (and tax benefits).  Seems ironic that the religious right which bemoaned the sexual promiscuity, social irresponsibility, and decadence of the early 'pioneers,' now chastise the LGBTQ community for finally advocating for stability, security, respect, societal approval, and all the responsibilities inherent to being a member of the community.  I can't understand the so-called 'threat to marriage' that arises as a result of marriage-equality, nor do I understand the inherent fear, ignorance and bigotry that seems pervasive on the part of some.  And to all the others (who understand that full-equality for all citizens means better families and communities and show it), a heart-felt THANK YOU!! 

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