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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

VT 26.3.13


Outside my window a new day approaches.  Dawn accompanied by the song of early birds and the scolding chatter of squirrels is much more pleasant than the piercing ring of an alarm-clock.  In less than hour (or two)  marchers/demonstrators/placard-holders/concerned citizens/disenfranchised members of the community/zealots/bigots/the curious/tourists and assorted gawkers will gather at the steps of the Supreme Court where inside nine justices will deliberate on the issue of marriage equality in America.  It's pretty hard to say that they will be deciding on the definition of marriage (see DOMA and Prop 8); which, unless one peers behind the veil of popular culture and accepted 'world history,' may seem irrefutable and impermeable.  Instead the real decision will be whether or not certain groups of individuals can continue to enjoy the benefits and privileges of a certain type of societal contract currently unavailable to others because of a extremely narrow interpretation of historical precedent.  Seems archaic and un-American, as well as against the true spirit of democracy, doesn't it?  As well as contrary to the teachings of a more inclusive, more forgiving, more benevolent Creator.  The world watches and waits . . .

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