The PEEPSHOW celebrates EARTH WEEK / Day 1



Earth Day 2012 was celebrated on Saturday, and hopefully, the myriad reasons for its purpose won't be forgotten a fortnight later.  It's so important that we all participate in efforts to halt further destruction of our planet, as every passing day it becomes more imperative that we continue to advocate for policy changes regarding how nations around the world approach the planet and our natural resources.  An archaic philosophy of rape and pillage has contributed greatly to such perils as global warning, the poisoning of the oceans, the destruction of natural forests and other areas vital to wildlife, mass contamination of mountain waterways and lakes due to oil exploration and extraction.  Sadly, the continued use of harmful bio-chemicals disrupt vital ecosystems and adversely affect food production, habitable lands, and the quality of life we have come to expect from what is considered by some to be one of the more advanced periods in civilization's history.

Besides recycling and re-purposing, planting trees and taking steps to reduce run-off into our source of drinking water, embracing programs that promote local food production as well as healthier crops through organic farming, I believe that one of the most effective steps to fostering global well-being is to join groups of like-minded and concerned citizens who will elect officials and representatives committed to ushering in a new era of 'green living' concepts where the sanctity of Mother Earth is no longer subjugated to whims of the marketplace, or conflicts and wars, or the demands of technology.  Clean air, clean water, and healthy foods can no longer remain just a dream, but should instead become a reality -- right now.  And it all starts with you!!


PS:  Today's soundtrack is NORTHWORKS:  Through


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