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Thursday, April 19, 2012




Finally, a designer who doesn't indulge in the cliched and stereotypical to convey class or masculinity.  As of late, actually for quite some time now, the pages of every design magazine have been filled with photos of rooms where a mummified version of death reigns supreme, meaning the stuffed/pickled/taxidermied carcasses of every species of fauna and fowl known to mankind have been trotted out and propped up to the adulation of the masses.  Adding yet more injury to the insult (against humanity or morality), or, contributing further to the annihilation of wild-life, is the 'glam aura' of the adventure-hunt where jaded/bored/thrill-seeking tourists pay to kill game in their natural habitat, with the assistance of native guides, advanced technology in the forms of high-powered weapons and tracking devices, lots of money, and/or influential contacts in the host-country.  King Juan Carlos of Spain, reigning monarch and honorary president of World Wildlife Fund Spain, recently suffered a hip injury while out hunting elephants in Botswana at a cost of approximately EURO 44,000/$57,850 (per kill)--to the dismay and disgust of his subjects who are still reeling from the effects of unemployment (25%) and a rising financial deficit.  The Trump Boys, to some our idea of American royalty, apparently showed no remorse even after photos emerged in March of a hunting safari to Zimbabwe, where the following 'items' were recorded in the kill-list:  elephant, crocodile, kudu, civet-cat, water-buck.  It's a sad day for all of us when our leaders (and captains of industry) indulge in unethical, and perhaps criminal, behavior; and even sadder when future generations pose the question: why did you all stand by idly while the destruction of wildlife and their habitats continued unabated, save for the efforts of the few who were frequently ignored by the majority wholly engaged in finding the next big/best/brightest thing; huh??

Hope you enjoy today's visual treat, from the portfolio of the inimitable Mario Buatta.  


PS:  Today's soundtrack is Merge Of Equal's Submerge

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