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Monday, April 2, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents APRIL (EYE) CANDY / Day 1


Nothing says welcome more than an open garden gate.  In today's visual treat, it is not attached to a garden fence, but instead completes a tightly sheered evergreen hedge, which I feel compelled to add, is one of the most innovative and charming ways to forgo a physical barrier composed of wood, brick, wire, or composite material.  I especially love the hydrangea bushes planted closely to the house, and so much more appealing than the ubiquitous evergreen foundation plantings which unless diligently pruned, frequently overpower modest structures and lend a Gothic air to otherwise genial surroundings.  Yes, I confess to a general aversion to many lawns, finding them over-sized, or unkempt without the ministrations of a small army of bronzed minions bearing power equipment of innumerable shapes, and numerous bags of questionable merit intended to render most living organisms--save the intended grass species--obsolete to the detriment of healthy bugs, the intended offspring of butterflies and bees, as well as the general health of occupants and guests.  In time, even the lone dandelion will hopefully arouse no more than amusement at its stubbornness, and some respect for its resilience.  As well the opportunity to more fully appreciate the vicissitudes of garden fashion, where 'in' and 'out' can fluctuate at the release of a new tome or the recommendation of an esteemed master-gardener/landscape architect whose championing of a favored specimen causes reverberations throughout the marketplace.  Miscanthus, anyone?

Hope you are enjoying the best of April (2012).


PS:  Today's soundtrack is Pablo Bolivar's Escape of Galaxy Five (Djorvin Clain Deep Constructed)

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