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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The PEEPSHOW celebrates EARTH WEEK / Day 3



In spite of the actions of some, there is still much to celebrate.  We are now living in a time where everyday individuals, common-place persons just like ourselves, have begun to look beyond the facade presented (and maintained) by big businesses, unscrupulous politicians, and 'the system' which sought to control free thought and speech, and movement(s).  And advances in technology should be given credit for much of the slow unraveling of a hegemony that stretches back through many decades.  The Internet (and social media) has allowed for many, who previously voice-less and thus inconsequential, to voice their displeasure and dissatisfaction at the status quo and the inequalities experienced by many in the world, save the privileged and powerful.  Information, flowing unrestricted across borders and barriers, now more clearly reveals the transactions and 'deals' once conducted under the cover of darkness, behind closed doors, or for the purposes of 'national security.'  Dodged and ethical journalists who stubbornly press for access to documents and records under the Freedom of Information Act must be praised for their dedication, and courage.  Also commendable are the thousands of activists and grass-roots organizers whose faith in humanity, as well as in the principles of equality and freedom, drive their heroic efforts, as well as enable the rest of us to experience the audacity to hope--that we can all make a difference and turn the world around, for the better.

For all of peeps, FB friends, and social activists who continue in the struggle for a better future and a cleaner, greener planet, thank you.


PS:  Today's soundtrack is Tim Blecker:  Her Black Horizon

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