The PEEPSHOW presents APRIL (EYE) CANDY / Day 4



Easter is here again, and the selection of marshmallow bunnies and chocolate eggs, bonnets and baskets, culinary delights and vases brimming with star-gazer lilies/early hydrangea/bells-of-Ireland have never been so appealing.  The promise of redemption, and resurrection, keeps church-goers suitably engaged while the travel and hospitality industry pleasantly scrambles to meet the demands of school groups, destination tours, and lost baggage claimants.  Dewy-eyed brides-to-be everywhere resolve that right after Easter Sunday lunch, they plan to loose every extra inch in order to fit into that Vera Wang bridal gown; and her equally plump hand-maids smile knowingly, and proceed to have just another little sliver of the wedding-cake sample (sent over by the solicitous wedding-planner who is pressed to confirm the church and rental hall quickly less the celebrations instead have to be held at some hotel's banquet-room. Shame! Shame!).  So sweet that some girls still dream on floating down the aisle, a vision of purity in white and tulle and scented flowers.

It is so easy to forget, when absorbed daily in this endless array of images, tons of magazines, endless discussions about color/beauty/design/and so forth, that not all are not so pleasingly engaged.  Some individuals have questions more serious than the rent-or-buy debate, for they are homeless, a condition which has effected a larger percentage of our society than many would care to discuss.  Sadly, the number of children who find themselves without the joys and comfort of being in a home, has dramatically increased to about 2 million a year.  Thankfully, Covenant House, a privately-funded agency established to assist homeless youths by providing food + shelter + immediate crisis care + essential services, and AVIVA, have initiated a simple way in which we can all help.  By visiting this link: www., and sending a short message to a homeless child at one of the Convenant House centers, AVIVA will donate a dollar towards making the future of a home-less child less questionable, by helping to make a life currently filled with doubt and risk, or without love, less so.  It only takes a few minutes -- less than making a cup of coffee -- to share the gift of hope with someone who really needs it now.  And isn't that -- having a 2nd chance, the true message of His rebirth?

It's so, so easy:  send a message, or make a call (to Covenant House at 1-800-388-3888) and make a homeless child feel that there is a future (for them, also).


PS:  Today's soundtrack is NO LOGO's This City Never Sleeps

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