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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents APRIL (EYE) CANDY / Day 2



The week continues to unfold with pleasant surprises as warmer days allow for garden plans conceived in the grey days of winter to finally actualize.  A border of lavender shrubs to define a twelve by twelve square (filled with roses rugosa/native grasses/sedum/black-eyed susan/blanket-flower and other drought-tolerant favorites) will be installed today, and fifteen climbing roses to cover a picket-pence are sitting in the bed of my pickup truck.  I haven't visited this particular garden since January, and I am very excited to see the changes that have taken place since then.  The contents of seed packets for zinnias, cosmos, butterfly weed and marigolds stand at the ready for sowing into the eager earth.  

In today's visual treat, designer Charles Spada both delights and surprises with his signature take on 'casual elegance.' Light colors and subtle patterns are easy on the eye, and his contrast of ornate against simple creates a memorable juxtaposition worthy of repeated imitation (by the less bold amongst us). 

The campaign trail heats up again this week, and under the scrutiny of the press (as well as the clamor of social media) injustices previously hidden, now seemed headed for redress.  Bernice, the editor, made me promise to refrain from any talk of Red/Blue/Independents/T-Baggers during this week of pure eye-candy, and so I will keep all sharpened barbs soaked in water (with the morning-glory and castor-bean seeds) until next week, or the following.

Best of the day to you,


PS: Today's soundtrack is RKTIC's A Walk On Deep Snow

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