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Tuesday, August 28, 2012




As infinity pools go, this is one of the best that I've seen.  There's something exhilarating about looking out and yonder, wondering where and if, there is an end.  It's also a little scary, like looking up at the endless blue sky, and then considering what if one were to soar up and yonder, further and further without end, through infinity.  Certainly unsettling, isn't it: the thought of floating, unattached, through limitless space until mortality expires, either through external pressures or the lack of breathable oxygen.  In truth, I avoid heights; no mountain climbing, free-falling or bungee-cording, and prefer to visit friends who live in close, or a closer proximity to the earth than the 40th story loft perched precariously at the edge of a cliff, or overlooking some urban landscape where distant spires suggest man's triumph or nature, or at best a mastery at techne under the guise of modernity (or progress).  Down, low (never 'down-low') near the water's edge, within touch of leaves and the smell of the earth, this is where I'm most happiest.  And this is how I feel today--happy.


Today's soundtrack is KEEP SHELLEY IN ATHENS's Our Own Dream (

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