The PEEPSHOW presents BITS + PIECES 5 #8 / Day 5



Folks here in America keep getting bigger, and by this I mean over-weight, obese, or fat.  It's been confirmed that 20% of all Americans are seriously over-weight, and in fact leading unhealthy lives with the risk of serious health complications due to carrying both excess weight as well as indulging in foods that are clearly harmful to the body, such as tidbits and niceties laden with salt, refined sugars, preservatives, additives, supplements, dyes, and various unidentified products that should best be left miles away from the kitchen counter.  Even with the advent of spas and gyms and cross-training centers located on almost every corner of the urban landscape, waistlines continue to expand, cholesterol counts climb upwards, arteries clog, and motorized-carts for the walking-impaired now traverse every avenue and passageway.  Big Business(es) certainly plays a role in the seduction of the senses by producing larger portions at lesser costs, bombarding the viewers at every bus-stop, bill-board and TV channel, and providing freebies.  Then, stepping in to provide all the accouterments for the now disadvantaged populace, such as breathing apparatuses, medications, weight-supplements, therapy and nutrition experts, various and sundry procedures (both cosmetic and other) to alter one's appearance; yet the ultimate responsibility falls to the individual, to whom a plethora of information is easily and readily available.  Order smaller portions, choose healthier selections at the 24-hour buffet table, and get daily exercise by walking, jogging, biking, swimming, however and whatever will get that body active and make you feel and look better.  I groan inwardly whenever I see some person(s) clutching the over-sized sippy-cup throughout the day, analogous to Baby, still in need of comfort and oral stimulation.  Shape up, America, and grow up!

Hope you all enjoy today's visual treat.


PS:  Today's soundtrack is LOVESTATION's Teardrops (