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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents BITS + PIECES #8 / Day 3



It takes a lot of courage to just keep pushing forward in spite of inner-turmoil, numerous obstacles, major (and minor) delays, apathy on the part of others, flat-out refusals, and everything else that comes along, or in front of, an individual when he or she decides to set forth onto achieving a goal.  Maybe it's just losing weight or tackling the neglected basement, perhaps it's starting a small business or going back to school, any of these endeavors must be sustained after the initial burst of energy and enthusiasm by tiny little steps of determination; a little push forward and then another, and another.  Some are fortunate and have a cheering squad at the ready, or close friends who offer support, and others turn inward to tap into never realized strengths.  For anyone who has ever created/ achieved/surmounted/triumphed/moved beyond the ordinary/mundane/average while clearly realizing the calls of one's inner voice (and the dreams inside which really never quite go away) I salute you.

Got to hand to New Yorkers (City dwellers, specifically); millions of folks crammed on the tip of a small island, and yet they continue to turn it out -- splendidly-- for the rest of the world to admire (and at times emulate).  When tight quarters prevents one from expanding the garden out, some residents looked upward and wholly embraced the concept of roof-top gardens.  Today's visual treat shows what can be done to what could have otherwise been just another flat asphalt heat-reflecting roof; instead we have pure beauty (and joy)!!

Happy Sunday.


PS:  Today's soundtrack is TAXI's People Come Running (

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