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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents COOL (eye)CANDY #3 / Day 3



Nothing delights me more than an afternoon nap while the rain falls outside the window, or gently hits the roof.  At seven or eight, suddenly, oh so suddenly and waiting any warning, at the beginning of the summer break my twin-brother and I were reintroduced to the then ordeal of quiet-time which seemed to drag endlessly.  In reality, some wise soul had correctly advised that the best way, to avoid over-stimulation and the naughty behaviors that followed, was to set aside an hour for reading or napping before antics and games could resume.  Keeping soda-drinks and sweets off the daily menu certainly helped in keeping already over-active minds from imploding, as did the absence of a television-set.  I'm not sure that if I were raising a child today, I would insist on such a strict regimen. Yet compared to the whirlwind of play-dates, after-school activities, sports-camps, and innumerable Game-boy selections experienced my many kids today, I feel that part(s) of my child-hood was magical, and worthy of some degree of reverence, if not admiration.  Thanks, Mom (and Dad)!!


PS:  Today's soundtrack is TOTO's Georgie Porgie (

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