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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents COOL (eye)CANDY #3 / Day 1


I've been doing my best to avoid the headline news concerning the upcoming election, as well as the varied stump speeches and television ads by the political candidates.  At least through the upcoming month, I plan to switch radio stations, perhaps listening only to classical music (on 90.9 FM), or if I can, surrender to the hypnotic (and varied) music programs of WRNR (103.1 FM) which broadcasts from Annapolis, MD, and can be heard as one approaches the (Chesapeake) Bay.  My co-workers complain that too much NPR affects my mood, perhaps setting a more sombre note to the day, and I'm sure that there is a certain truth to this.  Kudos to the dedicated staff at public radio who strive to provide unbiased and informed news-content (day after day)!!  Yet, as we are all aware, dire consequences around the world result from the hasty decisions made by unethical 'decidors' under less than transparent circumstances (here at home).  Regretfully we cannot change the past, only live fully in the present, and with some luck, gently guide the future in our favor.  Still, for the rest of the summer, I'd prefer to sail along, carried forward by blind optimism and hope (until Labor Day and the return to business as usual).  Hope that everyone has the best day yet.


PS:  Today's soundtrack is ODYSSEY's Inside Out (

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