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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents BITS + PIECES #8 / Day 1



I've reached a cross-road of sorts, which is: either talking the talk and walking the walk, or shutting up for good.  Would I, could I, continue to espouse environmental awareness and respect for Mother Nature while continuing to lug home cellophaned cartons of plastic bottles filled with water trucked from near or far, of which an alarming percentage will continue to clog land-fills in spite of the assurances of manufacturers, suppliers, and merchants.  I'm not sure when I succumbed to the covert, as well as overt, tactics by Madison Avenue which insists that the tap water provided by many municipalities was unfit for consumption, and the one's continued good health depended on  'pure and unfiltered' water smartly packaged for easy access, and well within the reach of anyone's budget.  The cost of production, packaging, storage, and transport still pales in comparison to the profits garnered by Big Business(es) as we continue to uncaringly feed (or drink) on the swollen belly of consumerism, and capitalism.  As of today, I'm back to the tap, and hopefully so will you.  And for the more cautious amongst us, a filter costs relatively little and seems fairly simple to install at the kitchen faucet.

Hope you enjoy today's visual treat, and thanks for all of your emails last week.


PS:  Today's soundtrack is I:CUBE's Adore (

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