The PEEPSHOW presents BITS + PIECES #8 / Day 4



My friend D once accused me of liking only sad movies, to which I protested.  Lately two movies keep playing in my head and at times during the day I revisit them and continue to be moved.  I prefer movies that illustrate the complexities of our existence, the flawed relationships that captivate us spellbound through years and years; I love the ones that move me to look beyond myself as I experience the broad range of emotions that reiterates:  yes, I am alive, I have worth, I too feel, I am no different from millions of others, yet somehow unique, I too have a story, a voice (and not unlike the characters moving across the screen in a fabricated reality, yet still a reality) I want it heard, and seen, and this is what I believes drives artistry, and artists, and ART.

Last night I ventured out after the quick down-pour that surprised area residents at about 730 pm.  Then a mad dash to the theatre in order to secure adjoining seats with my movie-buddy and then 'The Bourne Legacy' sans Matt Damon.  Action, exotic locations, forceful dialogue, and an interesting continuation of the story-line, yet at times I was bored and impatient for things to just move forward.  In contrast, ' Buitiful ' and ' Never Let Me Go ', both movies released a few years, continue to haunt me, and fill me with a longing for just a little more of this; this, the only life we can ever know and experience.  A life, which in looking back, fills me with humility and gratitude and continued wonder--at it all!!

Quiet corners and solitude are even more enjoyable when it rains . . .


PS:  Today's soundtrack is BAY AREA's Tokyo Subway (underground mix) (


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