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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The BLACK + WHITE Of It All / Day 2



Last night, I pushed away in the far reaches of memory any thoughts of the ferocity of Superstorm Sandy's wind and rain which last week had halted everyday life by knocking out electrical power for blocks around, and dumped copious amounts of rain (most of which, I still believe, flowed right down through closed doors into my lower-level sanctuary where it ebbed and settled just below the hem of my favorite Indian-cotton bed cover, and in the process wrecked every bauble and pretty thing deemed precious and worthy of safekeeping).  Much sleep was lost, and whether anxiety or fear or hope kept me--as well as zillions of other concerned citizens glued to the radio or the TV or online--up, now seems almost forgotten as collectively we bask in the glow of victory.   Almost surreal was the spectacle that played across the super-sized screen in my host's den, and equally captivating was the 'call' at 1 or 2.  Hearts aflutter and fingers atwitter, the news was shared and hope rekindled around a largely unified nation, quietly and surely.  And we all await greatness, again!



Today's soundtrack is RunC.T.'S Imagine A Place (

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