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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents MORE EYE CANDY #2 / Day 3



There's no mistaking that it's Thanksgiving time, and in a day or so all across America tables will groan under the weight of enormous platters of food, fixings, and fare, generously served to the expectant with plenty of opportunities for second helpings and thirds.  It seems that on this occasion, friends and strangers, perhaps enemies or the estranged, will put aside differences, prejudices or past hostilities in order to ensure that everyone partakes in the abundance of this blessed land.  Sounds almost corny, doesn't it?  Truthfully, our elected officials on both sides (as well as Independents and Tea-baggers) have left the hallowed halls (of the Capitol) for feasting and smooching back home, and the cliff as well as other important issues still loom--on the near horizon.  And while food still remains relatively cheap when compared to other nations, no one at the dinner-table wants to linger after pie and coffee to discuss the heavy burden placed on the economy though farm subsidies or tax-breaks; nor do we choose to examine the effect of chemicals (in the form of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers etc etc) on the environment.  Even less distasteful--than dry turkey legs--is any discussion involving the living conditions and rights--if any!! of millions of uninvited foreign workers who ensure that the production cycle from field to table remains constant, and grocery-store shelves are filled.  Better to sit properly and chew slowly; make polite talk and keep one's elbows off the table; or, decline seconds, plead weariness and head home at first chance--all of this, good and practical advise for getting ahead and keeping friends.  All of this I have been told--repeatedly!!

Have a wonderful pre-Thanksgiving day.



Today's soundtrack is VOOTECH's Confidence

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