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Monday, November 19, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents MORE EYE CANDY #2 / Day 1


Imagine my surprise, and delight, at finding the latest House Beautiful in the mail basket this morning.  As usual the featured interiors were noteworthy for being both accessible and inspirational, and this issue in particular left me with a new appreciation for the color grey and all its permutations.  There's only a few more days before the shopping season peaks in a burst of black, and I intend to head out early today for the plant-nursery where I intend to purchase countless bags of paper-whites bulbs which when in blossom, can transform the ordinary into sublime--through pure scent.  I hope that everyone has made plans to spend Thanksgiving Day doing something memorable, or thoroughly satisfying.  If all goes as planned, back-to-back movies and Chinese take-out tops my list, followed by an hour or two searching though Ebay for yet another collectible probably destined as a stocking-stuffer.  Love to take this opportunity to welcome everyone back to the work-week, amazingly a short one, yet again.


Today's soundtrack is AXS' s Tracon

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