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Monday, November 5, 2012




It's here and there's no turning back; the countdown begins to the Presidential Election (2012) and, at least to my hyper-tuned sensitivities, the nation throbs with excitement, and also weariness.  Even the casual observer could not help but notice the countless emotion-driven ads, as well as innumerable stump speeches where jabs at racial and gender strides (or grasps) for equality and representation were met with jeers and, or, cheers.  The economy remained high on the list of priorities, as was America's (meaning the USA) well-intended and much-lauded, yet frequently misguided, relationship with the rest of the world.  Some issues remain shockingly silent on the menu of promises offered to voters; environmental concerns and the danger(s) of global warning, reproductive rights and marriage equality are tantamount for some, who may or many not, acquiesce to the agenda set forth by the 'majority.'  Whether fringe or mainstream (or an abstainee; still?  why??), everyone needs to join the queue tomorrow and play their individual part in helping to determine our shared destiny.    X   bless America!! 


Today's soundtrack is ALEXEY ARKHIPOVSKIY's Doroga Domoi (cantoma remix)

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iris white said...

i just caught myself stopping to breathe...yes, ready for it to be over and continuing without the distraction of re-election drama.