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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The BLACK + WHITE Of It All / Day 3



It's hard to believe that it's almost a week after the election, and much still needs to be completed before Thanksgiving and the onset of the Christmas festivities.  According to economists the nation is heading towards a fiscal cliff, as are many of my working colleagues who have experienced a drastic reduction in projects, particularly in the last 14 or so months.  Many professionals in all fields have been concerned about the scarcity of well-paying jobs, or the need to undertake even more tasks for the same fee(s), and yet one is loathe to lament publicly.  At times I admit to a bit of confusion, since the glossy magazines gushingly report that high-end shops and designers can't keep up with the demand for luxury goods and custom services, yet a drive to downtown DC or Alexandria reveals plenty of vacant retail space.  Hopefully in the near future, promises (made during the campaign) will result in a stronger economy, greater consumer confidence, and more jobs.  Refusal--and austerity--may be elegant but only when it is a choice.

Have a great work-week.


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