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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The BLACK + WHITE Of It All / Day 4



Whenever I hear home-owners recite the long list of the things missing or wrong with their newly-bought property, inwardly I cringe and outwardly I urge caution and emphasize restraint.  Fueled by photos of expansive kitchen layouts or luxurious baths featured in the glossies, little thought is given to how one actually lives, or the budget(s) realistically needed to finance the transformation from what is perceived as inadequate to the wow factor(s) designed to elicit hand-shakes and back-slaps from friends, neighbors, and shy family members from back home.  Better to move in, and slowly, carefully with the help of a professional develop the grand-plan with successive steps along the way to achieving nirvana.  After the movers have departed, and the last box unpacked, nothing is more pleasant than Earl Grey, stacks of magazines, and time to think it through.  And what makes it even more enjoyable is the 'ever-so-patient-and-knowledgeable' designer/decorator who will guide/cajole/dare/ground/expand your expectations, and assist you in creating your dream home.  Strange creatures--they, the interior designers of the world; for without their knowing touch and wonderful eye, nothing is quite as beautiful. 

A big shout-out to all the design professionals who continue to make it happen!!


Today's soundtrack is TIGERSQUASH's The Majitu (

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iris white said...

Shane, I couldn't agree more with you. I do take it to the other extreme, though. Let's have some Earl Grey.