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Sunday, November 25, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents MORE EYE CANDY #2 / Day 5



It's Monday morning and collectively we survived the trip back home to see the folks, as well as getting through any discomfort from probably eating too much holiday fare.  Still, getting away from the usual pace of our life allows to more fully appreciate what we do have, as well as enables a clearer understanding of the small, tiny steps that must be taken to achieve the goals we've set for ourselves at the start of this year, and just might have fallen short of completing.  If I could just stay clear of the anxieties which accompany the rush to get it all done perfectly before Santa gets here, I'll be just fine. And nothing comes close to the bliss of being stress-free, especially during the holiday season when expectations lurk behind every holly bush.  Hope everyone is just as excited as I am in getting to the close of what has been quite a challenging year, as well as looking forward to the pleasant surprises just around the corner.


Today's soundtrack is SERGEJ SMILE's You Are Sexy

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