Monday's Visual Treat - Day 1/ Inspired by Gardens



As earlier promised, the collective focus shifts away from wood-paneled libraries with peeling paint and faded, thread-bare carpets (the only way I like them), bedrooms in the G. Vanderbilt style, and kitchens that tug at the heart through sheer nostalgia for a lost innocence.  It's May and the gardens outside are brimming with joy and color, bursting forth with energy and zest, spilling out and over the gravel paths.  Since returning home--after the little incident--I've begun to take a second look at the 'weeds;' really, some of them are downright beautiful, as well as useful.  Any obsession with ridding an area of dandelions has long vanished; instead I think of dandelion tea with heaps of sugar and if one can, open-faced sandwiches of salami on Dijonned-rye.  Or, young leaves tossed with skeletal slices of red onion, a few cubes of cold, ripe mango, a sprinkle of cilantro leaves, dash of vinegar/oil combo, and a calorie-low, vitamin-rich pleasure to be quickly devoured by guests, well-wishers, peeps, and the annoying neighbor who doesn't quite take the hint that leaf-vacuuming is unnecessary and destructive to micro-level activity and insects.  If he could only embrace the infinite wisdom of mother nature and let the leaves gently decompose and return to the waiting earth, there would be less noise on Sunday morning as he meticulously micro-cleans his concrete driveway free of anything resembling organic matter. " Well, give it time," was a favorite saying of my mother' s and perhaps most apt.  Hope you all have a wonderful week...

Enjoy today, and the accompanying visual treat.  Loved getting all your comments, get-well wishes, hugs, kisses, and everything else.



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