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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wednesday's Visual Treat - Day 3 / Inspired by Gardens


Wednesday is here and the realization hits me that the month of May is almost over; in a few days it will be Memorial Day and the Rolling Thunder parade will once again honor the fallen, the forgotten, the missing and those who honor and love them.  If you have to run an errand across town, or plan to visit the District with visitors from back home, please be on the alert as the highways are abuzz with throbbing activity as scores of muscled/mustached/tattooed/pierced/shaved patriotic dudes and their preening 'babes' in biker-chic ensembles cruise up and down the beltway in search of hospitality, camaraderie, or just looking for a good barbecue joint with ample parking.  I enjoy the sight of hundreds of bikes spilling across four or more lanes and creeping upwards from south of Potomac Mills through Shirlington and clear to the Wall.  Row upon row upon row of bikes and banners and flags and hearts burning with purpose.  I am deeply moved by this public manifestation of machismo and bravado fueled by patriotism and solidarity for the fallen brother (or sister) in all of our lives.  No longer spectacle and beyond performance; art and life collide on the black asphalt, and in the words of Precious, "I feel here!"

Enjoy the visual treat and thank you for your continued interest in our little blog.



CVadTie said...
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CVadTie said...

This is the walkway I want winding up my front yard!