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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Monday's Visual Treat - Day 1/ The Theme of Royalty


Proclamations of the royal nuptial and the extensive media coverage of the accompanying festivities appeared everywhere and with great fanfare.  Aficionados of that sort of thing seemed quite pleased with the restrained elegance and style displayed by the future King and Queen {of England}.  And yet for me and countless others, the long anticipated news of another queen quickened pulses and whetted the appetite of a legion of fans, followers, devotees, bloggers, fashionistas, curators, editors, walkers, wanna-bees, wankers, weirdos, and assorted persons as well as personalities from all genres and sub-genres of society who prepare to congregate at the temple of his highness in order to pay respect to his memory, to collectively gasp at his creations, and to be surrounded by others of like kind.  We will bear witness to true genius as displayed in the MET/Costume Institute's exhibition entitled "ALEXANDER MCQUEEN: SAVAGE BEAUTY."  McQueen, besides being an extremely masterful tailor, created garments of incomparable and haunting beauty where craft,artistry and magic were fused to heart-stopping results; wherever he turned his gaze, McQ transformed existing notions of beauty, performance, art, identity, politics, and couture to a singular aesthetic vision unparalleled in recent history.  In the image listed below, Icelandic singer Bjork and McQ collaborated to produce what I affectionately and respectively label: 'The Future and Past Dowager Empress Upon Ceremonial Presentation to the Imperial Court, Where an Assembled Chorus of Operatic Slave Girls, Blind Canaries, Golden Baboons, and Tuva Throat-Singers Will Offer Endless Cries of Adulation to Her Benevolence and Wisdom."  Got it??


PS:  The exhibition at the Met runs from May through 7 August 2011.


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