Monday's Visual Treat - Day 1/Peep Show (Bang-bang boy/Underground remix)



Looking at this sumptuous Art Deco inspired salon, I expect a joyous crowd of revellers to burst from behind the mirrored door; I wait for the sound of corks popping and the clink of champagne glasses.  I strain to hear Cole croon about a night that is just so swell, and a slow kiss that continues well into morning.  I imagine an intimate gathering of debonair gentlemen in evening-jackets and their sleek lovelies all resplendent in ermine and silk,  Patou and Mainbocher. It is the middle of May and the lights from the World's Fair held at the Meadows can be glimpsed from the window at the far end of the library; the event in Gliwice, Poland is almost unimaginable because here, tonight, these charmed sophisticates celebrate an almost guaranteed life of wealth and continued privilege.  For this group and the others like them, the future seems rife with endless possibilities thanks to a nation seemingly flush, the result of recent economic prosperity, technological breakthroughs, and personal freedom(s).  The fact that many social allowances, or rights, were enjoyed by only a few should not be forgotten.  It would take another period of violence, turbulence, and horrors--WWII--to facilitate slow changes in the lives of many minority groups; and even today, those who have taken a sworn oath to uphold the constitution will still drag their feet, and on occasion simply shuffle, to avoid ensuring equality for all.  Flute after flute and more oysters please, the gods above them seem to smile benevolently, and the scent of Joy is so intoxicating that it makes one of the fellas quite colorful in his celebratory toast.  Who would ever believe that the world, as they knew it then, would all end within a matter of months; in September, actually!!


PS:  Congrats to the folks of NEW YORK STATE (DEMS AND 4 REPS) who ROCK!!!  


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