Wednesday's Visual Treat - Day 3 / Objects of Desire


Day 3 of the week, which is devoted to Objects of Desire, crept up like a corn snake, and without warning the night was almost over and nothing written for today's visual treat.  The thought of disappointing the peeps (as well as not living up to my own expectations) was enough to get me sitting at the desk.  We went blog tonight and the pressure is on; how to stay fresh/relevant/informative/reflective/witty/concise--all within two or three paragraphs, and all this written after having worked all day.  As the uber-talented writers/journalists/editors in our group will attest, the real stuff is frequently written within minutes of deadline.  I pray that I will not disappoint the loyal peeps to whom today's visual treat is dedicated.  

In all fairness, whether they are large or small, an image, figment of the imagination, or evidenced in reality, they fill me with awe and wonder.  It is now common knowledge that I adore hot-air balloons.  Rising high above the earth and seemingly touching the clouds, they seem unencumbered by gravity and earthly concern.  Whimsical and colorful, their dooms filled with hot air, and carrying a suspended basket of exuberant passengers, h/a balloons are analogous to humming-birds, dolphins, and jaguars:  beauty, grace, and power transcending reason!!  

Let it be know to anyone, and everyone, I want one.  I want a hot air balloon of my own so that I may sail across the heavens and view the rings of Juniper.  I want to cross China in a day or two while sipping tea and debating Plato.  I dream of crossing hills and valleys previously unknown, yet rumored in the writings of ancient tribes.  Slowly/surely/gracefully/effortlessly, I embark on a journey inspired by explorations of the past and tempered by concerns of the present; yet I am almost unrealistically buoyant for I am emboldened by the possibilities of the future. In the way best understood by Madonna, on this journey, I feel that:  ' quicker than a ray of light I'm flying,

And it feels good.

Enjoy the show folks, and thanks for tuning into the visual treats.  I could not do it without you.


PS:  A million thanks to Michael Herbas for coming over tonight and getting the blog 'thing' done.  Gracias!!


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