Tuesday's Visual Treat - Day 2/ Gardens To Cultivate



The wet garden allows us to indulge in plants and novelties which otherwise would have been impractical.  Once you have determined that the water-table for a particular spot is high (this can be easily verified during the spring months when rainfall is plentiful) and retains water long after the rest of the garden has dried, you can set about creating your version of a bog-land or miniature marsh--wildlife and all!!  Plants such as ferns, sweet flags, reed grasses, marsh marigolds, rodgersia, chelone, skunk-cabbage, umbrella plant and irises will settle in wonderfully and spread without any restraint whatsoever.  Make your garden the envy of all the other parents on the block by planting pitcher plants, which is sure the draw every kid within a five mile radius.  Additionally, several trees such as willows, silver maple, red-osier dogwood, and poplars just love these growing conditions; as do arborvitaes, birches, black-gum and summer-sweet.  If you want to incorporate a moving water feature, or shore up the area for the cultivation of lotuses, papyrus and other exotics, be sure to discuss this with an expert as you may not want to disturb the sensitive balance that presently exists or inadvertently provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes.  While the idea of koi fish and other ornamentals is alluring, be advised that these make great snacks for critters such as hawks, raccoons, possums and others.   My friend Hiram's Japanese-themed koi pond had once been his pride and joy;  frequent visits by Betty Beaver changed all that, for the voracious animal clearly loved the idea of a free buffet under the stars, and nothing was spared.

Enjoy the peep-show and show your respect for the planet by recycling (and planting a tree).





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