For all of my Design-Obsessed Peeps -- Day 3/TEXT + IMAGE (Jeanette Winterson)



It's day three of the peep-show devoted to TEXT + IMAGE, and today we feature narrative from The Passion by Jeanette Winterson, one of the most important young writers in world literature. Edmund White notes that this historical novel "Recalls Garcia Marquez . . . magical touches dance like highlights over the brilliance of this fairy tale about passion, gambling, madness, and androgynous ecstasy."  I could not agree more, and the author and her entire oeuvre remain high on my list of all-time pleasurable reads.  

Winterson writes, ' I was happy but happy is an adult word.  You don't have to ask a child about happy, you see it.  They are or they are not.  Adults talk about being happy because largely they are not.  Talking about it is as the same as trying to catch the wind.  Much easier to let it blow all over you. This is where I disagree with the philosophers.  They talk about passionate things but there is no passion in them.  Never talk happiness with a philosopher.
     But I'm not a child any more and often the Kingdom of Heaven eludes me too.  Now, words and ideas will always slip themselves in between me and the feeling.  Even our birthright feeling, which is to be happy.'

Beautifully written and a passage certainly worthy of reflection.  Hope you are finding your inner source of happiness and beauty. Thanks for being a design-obsessed peep, and visiting our cool/relevant/groovy blog during yet another steamy summer day.  Shout-out goes to the night-owls who drop in to the blog-site during the sultry summer nights.  I can feel the love!!