Visual Treats for Recent Peeps/Day 3- Small Space Living


Make every inch count!  Bigger is better!!  Go all the way up and then down!!!  Racy, almost naughty; nevertheless these mottoes are the tried-and-true advice given by the creative dwellers of small-space residences who have triumphed against any perceived limitations in homes of 450 sq feet or less.  Hanging art higher and lower; having fewer yet larger pieces of furniture tends not to crowd a space with small and inconsequential objects; wrapping the entire room in a single color instead of breaking the space visually through the use of multiple colors or worse yet, the cliched 'accent' wall; illumination on all levels meaning table lamps, floor lamps, task lighting, wall sconces, and chandeliers versus only dreary down lighting provided by ceiling-mounted fixtures that are still the staple of some unenlightened homes; and the use of mirrors to reflect light and provide alternative views of a space--these visual tricks can all be employed to imbue the space with drama, mood, and substance.  I remember seeing this particular image in the now defunct Domino Magazine, and just loving that particular green on the walls, the high ceilings, gorgeous sitting chairs, and the perfect little bed tucked in the corner.  So sweet and almost springlike in its' brisk combination of green and white, black and white, camel and black.  Love it so much that I almost want to move in (and set up house).