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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Visual Treats for Recent Peeps/Day 4-Home of Fransisco Costa


The home of Fransisco Costa, creative designer of Calvin Klein, is quite revealing for what it is not.  Some may have expected sultry images of frolicking bodies in the vein of Bruce Weber, or an ultra-modern slant on minimalism in the style of Tadao Ando.  Suffice to say, there are no bleached bones, black-on-black Martinez pots, or mounds of pebbles in deference to O' Keefe and Juan Hamilton.  Instead we are treated to a Manhattan loft where a 40's European modernity is made sensuous and sensual through the addition of ethnic and natural elements.  I literally flipped for the horn and black leather armchair sitting center-stage; also Jones'd for the beautifully woven blanket (of indeterminate origin but perhaps of the Native American or South American tribes) folded on the settee; yes, I briefly considered a couple of years of lowly indenture in exchange for that lacquered wall screen--with a pattern suggestive of Kuba fabrics from the Congo, presiding over this carefully assembled and highly personal collection of furniture, art, and objects. Love the mood of today's visual treat; for me this vibe suggests an intimate dinner after the show, easy talk with beautiful friends, and Gino Vanelli on the turn-table.



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