Visual Treats for Recent Peeps/Day 7 - Interior by Vicente Wolf


In this long space, the uber-talented Vicente Wolf has created three distinct seating areas sitting upon a continuous Oriental carpet.  He skillfully mixes furniture from different periods and cultures and connects the areas by the repetition of colors and shapes; against brilliant white walls, over sized contemporary art proves quite stunning. Note:  lots and lots of natural light makes the white walls really come alive, and patterns have been kept to very subtle woven patterns; colors are very subtle: greys/whites/soft blues with small amounts of excitement provided by the pink/red/rose of the carpet, artwork, and flowers.  I love how Vicente always introduces objects from his travels to Africa and the Far East as evidenced in the little African chair sitting next to the larger upholstered club-chair, and the beautiful Asian-inspired coffee-table.  What could have been an awkward space at the far end of the room has been transformed into a cozy reading niche with upholstered walls and a cozy banquette--ingenious!!