Wednesday's Visual Treat - Day 3/ Haute Couture Inspired by Flora, Designed by Givenchy

It's day three of the week devoted to haute couture inspired by flora, and the responses have been quite numerous.  Many of the peeps are especially drawn to the vibrant colors and textures of the beautiful garments, and quite a few admit to a new appreciation for this often overlooked art-form.  Haute couture prides itself in on an impeccable fit to a client's body, achieved only after numerous fittings and alterations to ensure that an individual's finer figure-points are highlighted, and any less desirable figure-flaws are diminished. Some changes to the designer's original model (as seen on the runway) are customary, with careful attention paid to that fine balance between the designer's vision and a client's requests for customization. Haute couture garments are customarily made by one group of fitters, pattern-makers, cutters, seamstresses or tailors who will see the garment from its initial cut through the return of the toile after each fitting; coordination with the vandeuse (salesperson) and the head of the workroom must be carefully timed, especially if out of house embellishments are necessary such as the highly specialized hand work performed at the ateliers of the embroiderers or the furrier; the team is charged with the responsibility of then assembling the garment for the final fitting and subsequent certification as meeting all the requirements of haute couture, and boxed-delivery to the client. It is a long process which may take several months and multiple visits to the designer's production studio or workroom.  Clients who have undertaken the commission of a haute couture garment express great pleasure and satisfaction in the process, and remain life-long patrons of the designer, his house or atelier, and the tradition (of HAUTE COUTURE).

The Haute Couture shows are now being presented in Paris, and photos can be easily viewed on the websites of most major newspapers, trade papers, and fashion blogs.  Thank you for your continued interest in our little peep-show (and blog).


PS:  today's visual treat is Givenchy's stunning creation modelled by Natalia Vodianova 



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Shane, thank you for another interesting post.

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