Visual Treats for Recent Peeps/Day 6- Home of Frederic Mechiche



The Paris loft of Frederic Mechiche is undeniably a cult favorite among the design obsessed.  The historic interior has been reduced to essentially a shell for the display of art, objects, furniture, lamps, and assorted ephemera.  Against white walls and upon bare floors, this talented interior and furniture designer has skillfully conjured his highly personal and idiosyncratic version of a design palimpsest.  Spanning periods and styles, Frederic has collected photography by Mapplethorpe and Serrano; sculpture by Beuys and Dubuffet; chairs, tables, and lighting by mid-century icons;  carved and beaded creations from Africa, Oceania, and the Americas; and artifacts ranging from Roman helmets to Chinese temple guardians.  Limited to a palette of greys, whites, blacks, chrome, metallics, and antique mirror, this apartment tantalizes us with allusions of a rain-swept Paris afternoon, exploring a place probably unknown, yet familiar!!