Visual Treats for Recent Peeps/Day 10- Interior by Steven Gambrel



Fun, fun, fun.  This is the most fun(nest) bathroom that I have seen in a long time.  Boy, do I get tired of seeing designer monstrosities in the glossy magazines; pseudo-artistic excesses by ambitious developers and/or misguided contractors which are triple the size of my little walk-down apartment, and filled with enough marble, imported tile, mirror, and sleek cabinets to outfit a Barney's ladies room.  Not to mention the art--bah!  I've seen it all: Impressionistic nothings, art deco travesties, contemporary put-ons and poster art incorrectly matted and expensively framed to convey 'taste.'  Sometimes, I wish we could just go back to the days of sunset beige or forest-glen green towels from Cannon Mills, .59 cent body soap, and Pert shampoo.  Anyway, enough with the past and onward to today's featured interior by the talented Steven Gambrel.  He has covered the walls with torn pages from books of the natural world. The cornucopia of colors, shapes, forms, and figures makes visiting the WC almost like peeking into the cabinet d'curiosite of Captain Nemo, where aquatic flora and fauna abound with almost hedonistic delight.   These wonderful illustrations, the cheeky red lampshades, and the vintage bathroom fixtures bring a fresh feel and look to this unpretentious bathroom. In this place, I feel like I could stay and wash my hands for hours......