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Friday, July 1, 2011

Fridays Visual Treat - Day 5/ Peep-Show (fluffy little clouds wet mix)


It's the weekend tomorrow, and one can sleep in later than usual (at least on Sunday).  With spring here, it is time to change the look of the bed-linens, throw-pillows, and if one is so inclined, switch artwork and decorative objects for a lighter and fresher look. For those of you who still hesitate, get on it with it.  This new look (as well as undergoing the psychic transformation) will be sure to add a little charge to your chakra.  Socialite and dandy James of the blog 'What is James Wearing,' shares a glimpse of his bedroom which is refreshingly crisp.  Lots of white balanced with ikat patterns, a cozy armchair for morning newspaper reading or late-night phone confessions, and beautiful art casually hung.  One of my favorite combinations--of brown and blue and lilac--is utilized here to great success.  Lilac is wonderful whether used in small doses--as in throw pillows, lamp-shades, a bedskirt, or used abundantly for maximum impact--upholstered walls of suede or leather, covering a Chesterfield sofa and attendant armchairs, or floor-to-ceiling french-pleated silk-shantung draperies with scalloped edges.  Lilac is the product of blue and red, and equally cools and excites; lilac is quite similar to purple which has long been associated with royalty, the sacred, and is supposedly the color of insanity; as well as passion.

Enjoy the visual treat and have a great weekend,


PS:  It is rumored that the Elizabeth Taylor once expressed the desire to have lilac eyes.  Hers were violet!!

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