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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beautiful Gardens / A Source of Constant Inspiration -- Day 2 (



I love the manner in which this enclosed garden both envelops and expands the visitor's experience.  Lush plantings on the perimeter soften the garden's barriers and actually foster the illusion of greater depth; sculptural tree forms give much needed interest and variety.  The center of the garden opens to the brilliant sky above, and makes one cherish evermore the shadowy recesses where imagination and fantasy take flight, and woodland elves hold secret tea-parties -- undisturbed by prying eyes.  Fences between adjoining properties are always nice when they are tall and sturdy, and lush plantings makes these upright barriers much softer and seem more friendly.  They can act as sound barriers, as well as creatively borrow from the vista beyond.  I shudder whenever I pass tiny suburban gardens where rows of Leyland cypress have been pressed into service as hedges; they rarely provide any visual interest, frequently decrease well-needed light, and function merely as overgrown sentinels forced to tip-toe between china-cabinets.  What's more, shallow roots make them opportune for crashing over in the next snow-storm, hurricane, tornado (or earthquake).  Much better to explore other options such as magnolias, hollies, laurels, cypresses, a myriad of deciduous trees, mahonias and nandinas, oak-leaf hydrangeas, and countless others (recommended by your garden designer) to provide privacy and visual interest.  Shade-loving vines, perennials, and annuals can be added to provide bursts of color.  Fall is the perfect time to both plan and implement next year's garden.  

Please enjoy today's visual treat courtesy of, a U.K. based garden and landscaping firm.


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