HOMEGROWN TALENT / DC DESIGNERS -- Day 1, Frank Babb Randolph



It is so nice to be back home.  While it is so important to maintain familial ties to siblings, nieces, nephews (as well as adorable grand-nieces and grand-nephews), nothing comes close to the peace and tranquility to be found in my little sanctuary.  To my surprise and delight, the petals on my oh-so-recently-purchased orchid seem even more vivid than I remembered.  I plan to purchase another tomorrow, because I want to experience even more of nature's wonder.  I now contently sit at my desk, and love looking at my first orchid in its position on a Chippendale style wooden plant stand--picked up for a song at an estate sale, silhouetted against the backdrop of Indian miniatures, framed English prints, and a provocative charcoal drawing reminiscent of Bacon.  Truly, a joy to behold.

I must confess to finding the drive down through the Carolinas en-route to Savannah to be long and tedious.  Especially after I had passed beyond Greensboro and could not pick up Chapel Hill's college radio or NPR.  It seemed that the majority of channels were devoted to inspirational, country, or pop-of-the-tops 40 variety.  Evangelical voices simultaneously preached of a merciless end to non-believers and sinners, while soliciting funds in order to continue crusades deemed worthy by a higher authority against the lower order(s).  Fire and brimstone seemed to be quite popular in those parts.  Thankfully, Katy Perry's Last Friday Night proved quite resistant, as did Maroon 5's Move Like Jagger in countless remixes which had me reminiscing about a sensuous creativity on the dance floor when groove-freaks, freaks, and queens reigned supreme until morning light.  Oh, how I miss the Fifth Column, Tracks, and other now shuttered establishments where decadence seemed endless.

Well within the long shadow cast by the Monument, creativity abounds in the form of the arts (both fine and applied).  This week's peep show entitled 'HOMEGROWN TALENT, D.C. DESIGNERS', celebrates five designers who call the Washington metropolitan area home.  Their individual portfolios reveal a distinct voice (or point of view) and all are nationally and internationally recognized for being quite outstanding in their field.  An interior by Frank Babb Randolph in Verandah magazine (April 2011) was a high note in his long and celebrated career.  Antiques were cleverly placed within a sparse context and seemed fresh and modern.  Contemporary artwork provided notes of color (and emotion).  The look of relaxed elegance continued throughout public and private rooms and seemed most befitting to a home where artistry, elan, and sophistication is fostered and celebrated.  I envy the apparent ease with which Frank creates rooms that entice and intoxicate, slowly and subtly.  I hope that you enjoy today's visual treat, and please visit Mr. Randolph's online site to view more of his outstanding work.

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