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Monday, October 31, 2011




I am so drawn to this eclectic living room.  The owner(s) seems to have gotten all the disparate elements wonderfully combined to create a visually compelling tableaux which is enigmatic, moody, and cozy.  I am attracted to the decorative arts and crafts of Africa, and so the long banners framing the doorway, suggest Kuba cloth patterns from Zaire (formerly Republic of the Congo).  Over-sized photographs propped against dead-black walls pop (right into the space).  The silvered, tufted sofa reminds me of the 60's futuristic vibe in furniture and fashion, such as the creations of Pierre Chardin, Paco Rabanne, and Andre Courrreges.  All three European designers introduced new shapes in apparel, utilized new fabrics such as plastics (PVC), paper, and other synthetic blends, and exemplified changing aesthetics and cultural mores through the 'unisex'  and 'space-pop' looks.  While those fashions may have been before my time, I can remember sneaking looks through my sister's fashion magazines, as well as the thrill in seeing Jane Fonda unravel in Barbarella.  Even to this day, straw + a spacesuit + feathers have never been so creatively photographed, or erotic.

The giant clam shell on the glossy, white floor, as well as the horn sitting on the trunk/coffee-table, add a touch of nature/the exotic.  And classical elements such as the formal sitting chair, and tripod plant-stand are smart contrasts to the otherwise casual informality.  Macrame hangers, usually found only at the thrift stores or in the craft pages of Martha Stewart's Living magazine, seem almost ghost-like and other-worldly.  I can imagine a designer, artist, fashionista, or writer plying their craft (and nurturing creativity) within these walls.  Love, love the look (and hope you do too).

Enjoy today's visual treat, as well as tricking for treats (and lots of eye-candy at the bars tonight).


PS:  Tonight's fave song is Cerrone's Supernature ....

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