Beautiful Gardens / A Source of Constant Inspiration -- Day 4 (ARTERRA Landscape Architects)


Too often lighting is an afterthought.  Beds are planted and a light layer of fine mulch has been applied; sprinklers set for 540 am; the cafe table and chairs beckon invitingly and visions of paradise fill the evening sky as well as the imagination.  Yet, in the time between waiting for the landscaper's truck and helpers to leave, loading a picnic tray with wine-glasses/snacks/sparkling, fruity Portuguese white wine, and finally getting all the gang out in the new garden, night has fallen and very little can be seen because landscape lighting was forgotten in the hurry to get everything perfect for Easter Sunday supper and Grandpa's visit.  Planning and planting done in the fall allows one to fully visualize the completed garden which entails hardscaping, plantings, irrigation, and lighting requirements.  To trample and unearth newly-planted beds in order to run electrical wires is no fun; solar-generated path lights and spotlights have considerably improved, yet for uplighting trees and downlighting special garden features they prove woefully inadequate.  The poorly-designed and ill-constructed offerings hastily bought at the big-box store frequently resemble runway lights giving the impression that both the front entrance and back-garden are subsidiary flight-pads of Reagan National Airport.  Peeps, schedule an appointment with a competent landscape architect or garden designer, and discuss your vision, budget, and time-table.  Any capable professional will be able to help in creating a pleasing environment for family gatherings and social events, while avoiding costly mistakes and the omission of necessary components such as illumination, irrigation, plant suitability, containers, and deck furniture.  Any improvement made to the garden or back-yard enhances the enjoyment of one's home, as well as adds to property value at selling time.

Hope you enjoy today's visual treat courtesy of San Francisco-based ARTERRA.


PS:  Tonight's soundtrack is Chrystalfilm by Little Dragon (from the album Ritual Union)


vegan diva said…
WIsh I had the patience to wait till fall. No wonder my plants turned to cinder chips, I planted in the middle of a blazing summer!

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