Friday Night Visual Treat---A Shot of Color (to the Brain)



It's hard to believe that winter could almost be upon us.  This morning called for windy and overcast working conditions, as well as temperatures not above 50; I purposely pulled out a RL wool sweater (given to me last year by my play-mother and which I had been saving for a special occasion), and layered with my favorite button-down and cords, headed out for a day filled with out-door activities.  The forecast calls for rain and the possibility of snow tomorrow, so like a good pilgrim, I headed to the grocery-store for cans of soup, instant coffee, and powdered milk.  Thankfully there was not a frenzied mob free-wheeling carts piled with milk, t-p, bread, candy, bottled water and so forth.  After a light supper and a glass of Royal Oporto, I pulled out bags of snow-melt just in case tomorrow morning gets ugly.  Seemingly in the blink of an eye summer is gone, and striding out with surfer shorts and short-sleeves is courting disaster (or flirting with a winter cold or pneumonia). 

After watching The Namesake earlier this evening, my head was filled with images of intense color, such as those of the luscious silks and wall colors found in India.  I reckon the only white there is the Taj Majal, and the complexion of visiting tourists.  Well, maybe the robes reserved for widows and those in mourning are the exception.  I remembered this image of the Paris apartment of Eric Bergere that I had saved while browsing through various design blogs, and wanted to share with you tonight.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and stay tuned for more visual treats.