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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saturday Night Visual Treat (for all the devoted peeps)



Just a quick thank you for all your emails.  It seems everyone applauded the wonderful individuals profiled in this week's peep show, 'ICONS (Of A Different Kind)/My Personal Super-heroes,' namely Robert Parry of Consortium News (, John Fales of The Blind American Veteran Foundation (, Chuck Fields of The South Arlington Lions CLub, Jonathan Gilbert of The Gilbert Clinic (, and Anne Boston Parish of the Queen Street Clinic (  Everyone who participated in any of the occupy movements should also be applauded, as well as the vigilant bloggers and passionate individuals who keep the spirit alive on FB and other social media sites.  Have a great weekend; you're the best(est)!!!


PS:  Tonight's soundtrack is courtesy of SSRadio Deep & Soulful, spinning out of London/UK.

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