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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beautiful Gardens / A Source of Constant Inspiration -- Day 3 (Paths + Walks)



I love the sense of purpose one gets in viewing and experiencing this path.  As well the feel of a lush, carefree and joyous garden.  In the distance, shrubs and plants spill deliciously over the walk's border, and little creepers seem to wink impishly and lead the eye forward.  An ingenious combination of old brick, pea-gravel and clam-shells have been utilized to great effect.  Old bricks, cedar landscape timbers, slate shingles, molded concrete forms, and metal edgings (of iron) work best at containing the garden within and keeping the lawn or hardscaping materials out; it's much easier to run the lawnmower to the edge of the bed, or if one is so inclined, slanting the weed-trimmer to cut alongside the edge.  The roll of plastic edging commonly sold at the box-store garden centers quickly breaks after a few encounters with a lawnmower or wheelbarrow, never sits quite level, and is pretty expensive for something that is just plain ugly.  For others who prefer the look of non-edging, diligence, weed-pulling, and a sharp pair of scissors work best to keep lines sharp, and and to keep grass, weeds and other little rascals out of the garden bed.  Hope everyone has fun this fall with gardening projects and preparing the garden for the winter.

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