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Sunday, October 9, 2011




Many believe that 2012 prophecies warn not of an end to the world, but is instead a call, a cry as such, of the pressing need for a paradigm shift in our collective consciousness.  A greater awareness of the perils faced by a degenerating environment, this the result of greed, indifference, and ignorance, has triggered demands everywhere for greater transparency on the part of our governments, corporations, and individuals as we grapple with shrinking natural resources, pollution, green-house gas, and a burgeoning world population.  Also evident is the dissatisfaction of a once complacent majority who chafe against the instruments of bondage practiced by our lending and financial institutions, which in conjunction with questionable legislature, have allowed a small group of wealthy individuals (and their sycophants) to run slipshod over our economy, our country's future, and the shared ideal of individual freedom within our society.  The Wall Street demonstrators bravely dispute the status quo, and question matters of ownership, responsibility, and representation.  Their actions should be supported, and their courage saluted by all Americans who value democracy.  Please consider how you too may participate in this movement!!

Washington D.C. designer Darryl Carter burst upon the design scene with a bang.  Several pages of a glossy coffee-table book entitled Private Homes of Washington were devoted to his apartment in the historic Altamont building, and a spread in Metropolitan Home heralded Darryl as a 'new traditionalist.'  His signature look consists of weathered, patinated objects and sculptural furniture placed within a pale environment where the silhouette is quite visible, patterns are subtle, and restraint is encouraged.  Art is usually monumental, bold, or contemporary, and the sense of a luxurious spareness is prevalent.  By no means austere or hard, comfort and familiarity are ensured and echoes of Vicente Wolf and Bill Blass can be heard (or seen).  His extensive portfolio, as well as lighting/furniture/textiles/rugs product lines can be easily viewed at his website.

Please enjoy today's visual treat, and thanks for being a devoted blog reader.


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