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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Beautiful Gardens, A Source Of Constant Inspiration -- Day 5 (Michael Trapp)



The work-week draws to a close, and I look forward to sleeping late tomorrow, at least until 9am.  Rains during the week, especially last night and this morning were quite pleasant.  In the garden, dahlias and zinnias are still quite vigorous and the pineapple sage is almost chest-high and shows no sign of slowing-down.  At this time of the year, ferns, Japanese anemones, and maples are glorious, as are clematis-covered fences highlighted by tiny, fragrant flowers.  John Brooke's Small Garden has been a late-night read for the past week or so; on the subject of small gardens, he states that, " Resist the temptation to work on a small scale just because you are dealing with a small space. " I live in a tiny space where larger furniture, objects, and paintings, when placed carefully and used most judiciously, are dramatic, unexpected, and blur the distinction between real or physical space, and perceived space.  The same approach can be applied to a small courtyard garden, through the use of larger containers, more mature plantings, and ample furniture; thereby keeping the eye (and mind) focused on all the elements contained within the space, and ignoring the perimeters or boundaries.   In today's visual treat (above), over-sized urns sit atop substantial columns, tall box-wood topiary and other lush plantings, and a cobbled floor contribute to a mood that feels dreamy and almost mysterious. 

Hope you all enjoyed this week's visual treats, and have a lovely weekend.


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