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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents FALL BEAUTY!! / Day 1


If I had realized earlier, much much earlier that is, that autumn's glory as seen and experienced through the phenomena--we've now come to expect-- as the foliage undergoes the transformation from green to the brilliance of brown-and-gold, is not always guaranteed, I probably would have cherished more deeply the past week where the garden seemed so perfect.  Crimson dahlias abounded, sunflowers arched and preened, and miniature zinnias nodded merrily from every little corner (and flower-pot).  Even the tomatoes and ocra and pumpkins over which Lady Emblom fretted during the drought of July and August, as well as September, have come around and now offer abundance without restraint.  At times, looking back with some regret for not having embraced 'that moment in time' seems to be my modus operandi, and this I vow to change.  Thankfully, today offers another opportunity to start fresh, and slow it down.

Hope all blog readers are loving every moment (of their respective lives).


Today's soundtrack is ELECTRIC MONDAY'S Juicy Life at 

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