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Monday, October 22, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents FALL BEAUTY!! / Day 4


We've all come to expect so much of ourselves with the advantages of new technology.  Suddenly--actually not so suddenly but a way of life that has crept up silently upon many of us--everything and everyone is expected to be on-line or available through the wee hours to keep conducting the business of the day.  Wearily, I've noticed that emails keep arriving, text messages proliferate, and incessant tweets have become deafening to tired ears.  When is enough, enough??  In the evenings and practically every weekend I am most content when sequestered within the walls of my little nest.  As of late, bundles of books have began creeping from shelves onto table-tops, and now almost cover the kitchen counter-top which functions solely as a coffee-bar and prep-area for micro-wave meals.  Innumerable lamps provide illumination, as well as visual warmth, allowing me to gaze upon walls of accumulated art, articles, framed and pinned 'stuff';  nothing valuable or rare, just all bits and pieces which I find satisfying and stimulating.  I've never lived with a television-set in my bed-room so must rely on books or the stereo for company.  Seems that I am not so unusual in my habits or preferences, for many of my contemporaries confess to savoring those all-too-scarce moments of solitude. As nightly temperatures continue to drop, I relish even more the feel of woolen blankets, the scent of sandalwood incense, and the thought of deep, heavy sleep.  Thankfully, all of these pleasures to be followed by yet another glorious fall morning.  

I trust that all of you are also enjoying the best day ever.


Today's soundtrack is FABRIC's 13th Birthday Mix (

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