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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents IT' S BATH-TIME!! / Day 2



Besides the spartan and sparse bath(room), I've also adore 'cozy.'  Especially when elements not normally associated with the bath are introduced, such as easy chairs, lamps, wonderful art, books, and so forth.  If one considers that about one-fifth of our waking hours are spent in the bath(room), why not make it as comfortable and pleasant as one possibly can.  Even now I can clearly remember Sir David Hick's bathroom which included a comfy reading chair, beautifully framed art, reading lamps, and classical statuary.  While something of that calibre may be difficult to emulate, putting lights on dimmers, shades over bare bulbs, oriental carpets instead of the dank bit of fabric festering at the base of the toilet and/or outside the shower, and a waste-paper basket with a lid in lieu of a plastic grocery-bag stuffed inside of an inadequate bin--these are all small changes that will contribute nicely to a more appealing bath(room), and should elevate one's mood anytime a trip to the bath(room) is necessary.

I love today's featured bath(room) from the very talented West Coast designer/blogger Mark D. Sikes.


Today's soundtrack is BRICKMAN'S Sublime (fingers in the noise remix) (

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