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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents IT' S BATH-TIME!! / Day 3



I'm glad to see that claw-foot tubs are back in fashion.  Some long-time industry insiders wearily point out that while the demand for any particular object or 'look' may vacillate for a myriad of reasons, any well designed furniture piece or home accessory will always be smartly utilized by those who have the vision to stay ahead, or, away from, trends.  I realize that familiarity does breed contempt, and this may have been the cause for the previous decline (of claw-foot tubs) and an on-going fascination with whirlpool tubs and soaking tubs in the French/Japanese/Modern style(s), as well as tiled showers with skylights and rain-heads and water-proofed television, radio, or phone, and so forth; yet the claw-foot tub has a history and charm that can't be easily denied.  Suppliers and manufacturers offer new models in a variety of styles and materials including acrylic which makes for less heavy tubs.  Older pieces can be easily found at architectural salvage yards and recycling centers where eco-conscious (as well as business savvy) individuals contribute to preventing larger land-fills of household and industrial waste by offering surplus or 'rescued' building materials, appliances, paints and furniture at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Hurray for the 'green economy' and all the folks whose desire for a greener, cleaner earth has spurred many counties and municipalities to ensure a more careful approach to development, sprawl, waste, housing, industry, resources--and the legacy left to future generations.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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